Patio Design, Installation in Shelby Township, MI

Patio Design Installation Macomb, MI

When a homeowner thinks about a shape for a patio, they should take into consideration where their patio furniture is going to be placed.

Once that is established we can start on your patio design. We will make sure that not only does your patio have an elegant look, all your space will be utilized comfortably.

Establishing the height of your concrete patio is also important, because that is going to determine how many steps will be installed at your door wall. We like to install wider and deeper steps because they are more comfortable coming out of your door wall. When choosing an elegant patio shape we have many colors, patterns, shapes, and stone facing options that will add beauty and class to your patio designs.

Staining your decorative patio is also an option. With many colors to pick from, these stains will break up the color combinations between your border and the rest of your patio pattern. Randomly staining different blocks in your patio is an option if preferred.

When choosing an integral color for your patio, we start by showing you a color chart, release samples and also actual concrete "sample boards" which show different color combinations right in your home. We find that this hands on visual approach is the best way for home owners to make sure that they will achieve the colors that suit their style and home best. There are many patio design ideas to choose from and we can help you make the right choice!

Decorative Stamped Concrete Advantages:

  • Unique Stamped Patterns
  • Custom Color Combinations
  • Beautiful Finished Surface
  • Durability & Longevity
  • Decorative Concrete Patios, Driveways & Walks
  • Design Option Flexibility
  • Adds Property Resale Value
  • Makes a Dramatic Impression
  • Complements Architecture
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effective

Thanks to Biondo Cement we have more than a patio in our backyard, we have a "work of art"! We are so excited to show off our new patio to all our friends and family. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

- Kathleen J. / Macomb Township
Stamped Concrete Contractors In Shelby Township, MI

Homeowners in Macomb and Oakland County MI are discovering the many great advantages to decorative stamped concrete. Biondo Cement Co. is a Michigan based concrete contractor, fully licensed and insured, a member of the Better Business Bureau and is your local decorative stamped concrete contractor located in Shelby Township, MI. Biondo Cement stands behind their work with a quality that can't be matched and guarantees all work for a full 1 1/2 Years!