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Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general usage. It is the most important ingredient that’s used in concrete. Portland cement was patented in 1824 by Joseph Aspdin, an English masonry worker. It was named Portland because of its similarity to Portland limestone. In recent years alternatives have been developed to help replace cement, products like PLC (Portland Limestone Cement), this is due to cement production being one of the largest producers of global green house gas emissions. Biondo Cement chooses not to use these alternatives in cement so that we don’t compromise our quality standards in cement mix.

Advantages of a Biondo Cement Driveway:

  • Long Life Concrete Durability
  • 6.5 Bag Mix ensures much stronger cement
  • Beautiful Finished Surface
  • Steel Rods for Concrete Reinforcement
  • Solid Base Compaction
  • Smaller Squares Saw Cuts
  • Top of concrete finished by hand
  • Light Broom Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Concrete Sealer Application
  • 11/2 Year Guarantee!

Thanks to Biondo Cement we have more than a patio in our backyard, we have a "work of art"! We are so excited to show off our new patio to all our friends and family. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

- Kathleen J. / Macomb Township
Stamped Concrete Contractors In Shelby Township, MI

Homeowners in Macomb and Oakland County MI are discovering the many great advantages to decorative stamped concrete. Biondo Cement Co. is a Michigan based concrete contractor, fully licensed and insured, a member of the Better Business Bureau and is your local decorative stamped concrete contractor located in Shelby Township, MI. Biondo Cement stands behind their work with a quality that can't be matched and guarantees all work for a full 2 Years!