Answers to some of the most asked questions about our finest concrete services.

Why is stamped concrete better than decks or brick pavers?

Cost and Maintenance are two of the main reasons. Wood decks need a lot of care and commonly cost more. In Michigan’s changing weather climate pavers have a habit of rising and falling in the frost cycle. This cycle leaves the home owner with the never ending problem of resetting these paver humps. The licenses and permits required for a general construction project do not apply for brick paving companies, this means that they are not regulated nor inspected by the State of Michigan, therefore there are no statutes to protect you as a customer should problems arise. Another problem is that pavers start to grow grass and weeds in between the blocks. You will not find any of these problems with your stamped concrete project.

Can you guarantee the color will match your color chart?

The color chart is a very good starting point; the colors can vary a little according to the actual aggregates used by the concrete supplier. Biondo Cement is and has been the only company to bring actual concrete sample boards to your home at the time of your estimate, which display the many different colors, textures and releasers when they are combined together, this will help you make a more comfortable decision when choosing your color and texture. If you were buying carpet for your home, you would probably choose it from a sample rather than a picture.

Will it be slippery?

Biondo Cement uses anti-slip powder, which is mixed in with the sealer before it’s applied. This greatly reduces how slippery the concrete is when it’s wet.

How much maintenance does my stamped patio require?

Your stamped concrete can be cleaned with mild soap and a hose. A light coat of sealer is recommended once a year to keep your stamped concrete looking new. Just apply it with a regular paint roller. (Please use Vexcon or Cure and Seal 30.)

How will the winter effect my stamped concrete?

Concrete is revered as one of the most durable construction materials known to man. Many things are made out of concrete including pavers so winter should not be a problem for your properly placed stamped concrete. Using salt could cause damage to any concrete surface; kitty litter or sand are good alternatives.

How long do I wait to use my new concrete patio or driveway?


Biondo Cement is leading the way in decorative stamped concrete in Michigan by always thinking ahead and improving our products to be the best. We are also a driveway cement contractor that replaces old concrete with new reinforced concrete. Driveway cost is a big factor for homeowners, so we always try to keep cost at the best price possible. If you need a driveway, patio design, concrete patio, concrete floors, concrete work in Michigan or driveway cost, give us a call at (586) 566-2600.



Homeowners in Macomb and Oakland County MI are discovering the many great advantages to decorative stamped concrete. Biondo Cement Co. is a Michigan based concrete contractor, fully licensed and insured, a member of the Better Business Bureau and is your local decorative stamped concrete contractor located in Shelby Township, MI. Biondo Cement stands behind their work with a quality that can’t be matched and guarantees all work for a full 1½ Years!









We take great pride in the personal commitment we make to all of our customers from start to finish. Let Biondo Cement create something spectacular for you!


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