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We specialize in exposed aggregate patios, driveways and more.


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3D Patios

We are now offering realistic 3D patio designs to all of our customers.

Exposed Aggregate Patios & Driveways

Located in Shelby Township, Michigan, we service homeowners in many of Macomb County cities and some Oakland County cities. Owner Giovanni Biondo has built a powerhouse concrete company that has innovated stamped and decorative concrete in Michigan. He has introduced and created many new concrete design techniques for patios and driveways over the years. As a result, this has more and more homeowners converting from brick pavers and conventional decking. Biondo Cement is a leader in installations and outstanding quality concrete construction in Michigan and has built a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction. You can view past projects in our photo gallery or contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation. Biondo Cement pulls all necessary permits from the offices of cities like Macomb TownshipShelby Township, and Washington Township.

Watch How Biondo Cement Installs Exposed Aggregate

Our talented concrete craftsman have years of experience in concrete construction. At Biondo, we pride ourselves on high-quality artistry to deliver outstanding concrete patios, driveways, walkways, and more. Please have a look at this video showcasing the skill and teamwork of our crews!

Exposed Aggregate Patios

Biondo Cement exposed aggregate patios
Exposed aggregate patios in Macomb County, MI
Exposed aggregate patio with retaining wall

3 Reasons to Choose Exposed Aggregate for Your Patio


1. Exposed aggregate is a durable surface that can withstand the harsh weather of Michigan.

Exposed aggregate is a specialized type of decorative cement utilizing peastone aggregate into concrete mix and then later exposing the surface using a multi-step technique. Exposed aggregate is exceptionally durable and offers many advantages over plain cement. Biondo Cement has refined each step of the concrete process to ensure a durable final product. We use crushed concrete as a base, which is tightly compacted to create an even footing. Then, we lay steel rod reinforcements throughout the project to add stability. We only use only the highest quality seven bag, 4500 PSI cement mix for our exposed aggregate. In turn, this confers incredible compressive strength so that your concrete will last throughout many years of use.

2. Exposed concrete requires very little maintenance.

Compared to decks or brick pavers, concrete is the obvious choice for durability and maintenance. A patio built by Biondo Cement is one that will last, even in Michigan’s inclement weather. Pavers are highly susceptible to weather damage, and often develop weeds or roots that can disrupt the structure. Decks can rot or fail and have nooks and crannies that require frequent cleaning. With exposed aggregate concrete, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When the installation is complete and allowed time to cure, the only maintenance required is a re-seal every couple of years. That’s it!

3. Limitless design options fit for any Macomb County, Michigan home.

Exposed aggregate is a highly versatile finish that can utilized into just about any design you can think up. Biondo Cement ensures a seamless, comfortable customer experience. We are here to help you create a design that’s as unique to you. We have an expert designer on staff to work with you, one-on-one, to develop plans for your ideal exposed aggregate project. If you choose Biondo to install your exposed aggregate patio, we will create a unique 3d patio design, attached right to the back of your house. As a result, you’re able to visualize what the finished product will look like and make changes until everything perfect for you. Your concrete is a big deal – why trust it to chance? Give us a call today at 586-566-2600 to schedule a free in-home estimate and let Biondo take the stress out of starting a new concrete project.

3D Patio Designs by Biondo Cement

Biondo Cement is dedicated to providing an outstanding experience all around. We are proud to offer 3D patio designs on all of our estimates to help our clients visualize their patio before its even built. 

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed aggregate driveway contractor in Macomb County, Michigan
Driveway Replacements in Shelby Township, Michigan
Exposed Aggregate Driveways in Oakland County, Michigan

How to Pour Exposed Aggregate – Biondo Cements Exposed Aggregate Driveway Installation Process


1. Tear out the existing driveway and prepare the area to pour cement.

Our crews will arrive on the first day of the job with all the necessary equipment to tear out and remove the old driveway. Biondo Cement takes pride in keeping a clean workspace and the job site organized. Next, forms are set in place, defining the area in which the exposed aggregate will be. We ask that homeowners be present on the first day of the job to approve the layout, so we can ensure that you get precisely the design you want. We then lay down 21AA crushed concrete and carefully compact it providing an even footing. After that, steel rod reinforcements are installed throughout the entire project. Reinforcements ensure additional structural integrity to the finished product.

2. Pour cement with aggregate mix, finish smooth and apply retarder over the surface.

Now comes the fun! Exposed aggregate is a process of mixing peastone aggregate into the cement mix, along with the color pigment of your choosing. The aggregate thoroughly mixed ensures even distribution of stone and color. We’re then ready to pour – the forms laid earlier and approved by you are prepared to house your future concrete creation! After pouring, our skilled crews carefully smoothly finish the surface, an essential step to make sure your driveway looks and performs at its best. After finishing, a specialized formula called concrete retarder is applied over the entire surface of the concrete. This will prevent the topmost layer from hardening – you’ll see why in the next step.

3. Let the concrete cure overnight then power wash the surface layer to expose the aggregate stone.

The following day, the concrete will have hardened – except for the topmost layer, where retarder was applied. At this point, Biondo will power wash the cement to expose the beautiful aggregate stone beneath. Like magic, the plain-looking cement transforms into an exquisite work of art before your very eyes! Then, we use specialized diamond-cut sawblades to cut expansion joints into the driveway. Wide fluctuations in temperature, common to southeast Michigan, cause the cement to expand and contract, which can result in cracked cement. By cutting expansion joints, you give the concrete “room to breathe” and prevent damage.

4. Return the following day to stain and seal enhancing the appearance of your new exposed aggregate driveway installed by Biondo Cement.

After letting the concrete sit another day, we will return once more to perform some essential finishing touches. First, we apply a stain, chosen by you, to the borders. Concrete stain accentuates the shape of the design, adds contrast, and gives the entire driveway an elegant look. After staining, we’ll apply a sealer to the whole surface. Not only does this protect your cement from weather damage and staining, but it also gives it a luscious glossy finish! (Matte is also available.) Interested in learning more? Call us today at 586-566-2600 for a FREE in-home estimate!


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