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We Specialize in Concrete Driveway Replacements in Utica, MI

Is your Utica driveway, cracked, stained, or off-level? Have you been thinking about getting it replaced? A badly installed or time-weathered driveway can ruin the look of an otherwise beautiful home, and many Utica homeowners find that they have to replace a driveway shortly after moving into a new place. That’s where Biondo comes in; whether you want a crisp, clean, and perfectly broomed plain cement driveway, or a more extravagant stamped concrete or exposed aggregate driveway, Biondo Cement has the experience to get the job done quickly, delivering a premium look without breaking the bank! 

 For over 20 years we have been Utica’s go-to concrete contractor for professional concrete driveway installations and concrete driveway replacements. Our cement uses a durable 7 bag mix concrete, and the entire driveway will be reinforced throughout with 3/8″ steel rods, ensuring durability and a long life. We also can do many specialty elements, such as driveway extensions with or without borders and stains, decorative accents and more! Our professional Utica Concrete Installation team works quickly and efficiently, so in just 3-5 days you will be able to use your brand new driveway. Call Biondo Cement today at (586)566-2600 to get a FREE estimate on a total driveway replacement!

Utica, Michigan Stamped Concrete Driveway Contractor

Utica Stamped concrete driveways add a professional, elegant look to your home that is unmistakable. With a vast selection of stamps, stains, finishes, and decorative accents to choose from, Biondo Cement is the #1 Stamped Concrete Contractor in Utica, MI. Pick a stamp that accentuates your unique style; add special features like borders, lights, decorative stamps like stars or compasses, and more! The possibilities are limitless. Expand your driveway and make room for more cars! Friends and family will be astonished. Work closely with our design team to install a stamped concrete driveway that’s right for you.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Contractor Utica, MI

Utica Exposed Aggregate is a unique style of cement which is pre-mixed with a peastone blend. After the cement is poured, a retardant is applied which prevents the top layer from drying; after the top layer is rinsed away, like magic – a beautiful textured surface is revealed. Exposed Aggregate is a favorite among Utica residents for its durability, ease of maintenance, and beautiful look, which can be accentuated with our famous collection of stains, finishes, decorative accents, and even sparkles that shimmer in the sunlight. A Utica exposed aggregate driveway is an excellent choice if you seek durability and a high-class look at a competitive price.


We take great pride in the personal commitment we make to all of our customers from start to finish. Let Biondo Cement create something spectacular for you!


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